Massage & Body Treatments


Swedish Massage

Using aromatic oils or hydrating milks to calm, nourish, and promote a state of well being, renewed energy and cared-for experience.

30 minute (back, neck & shoulders): $40
45 minute: $60
60 minute (full body): $75
90 minute (full body): $110

Hot Stone Massage

Using heated stones and oils, this massage boosts results received from traditional massage by three times. Excellent in relieving muscle soreness, pain, and improving circulation with overall relaxation.

75 minute: $115


The application of pressure, stretch and movement to the feet to affect corresponding parts of the body. By applying specific techniques, reflexology can break up patterns of stress in other parts of the body.

30 minute: $55 (can be done during facial treatment)
45 minute: $65

Far Infrared Health Cabin

Radiant heat for radiant health – this cabin provides a “reflective” heat, sweats out toxins, waste and burns more calories than running. You will experience increased oxygen supply to cells, relieving fibromyalgia and stress while boosting the immune system, purifying the skin and cells.

30 minute: $35
(add to facial or body treatment: $25)

Body Scrubs

Blends of salts and oils are massaged into the skin to remove dead skin cells and increase circulation. A suitable exfoliant for the face and neck is also used so the entire body from head to toe is treated. Once the salts and oils are showered off, the treatment continues will a full body hydration.

*Reduced to $60 when added to a facial, pedicure, or massage. To prevent irritation it is recommended to avoid shaving or waxing the morning of your treatment.

Soothing Lavender Polish

Using pure homegrown lavender, this polish also contains sea salts, jojoba and sweet almond oils, and Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant. The aromatic lavender will leave you calmed and relaxed while the oils nourish your skin.

Invigorating Lemongrass Polish

Stimulate and invigorate your skin with zesty extracts of lemongrass and marigold! Perfect before an evening out to give a boost of energy and radiance to your whole body.

Glowing Face & Body Bronze

Get a beautiful tan without the harmful rays of the sun. Full of antioxidants, minerals, and hydration to preserve the beauty of your skin, this product also stimulates your own melanin to give a personalized, authentic color for every individual. Enjoy the benefits of a full body scrub and face exfoliation to optimize your skin’s radiance and luster.


For smoothest effect, it is recommended to shave or wax the day prior to treatment and to wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Body Wraps

Also known as a facial for the body, these 100% results-oriented treatments will assist you in meeting your goals for both the skin and body. Beginning with gentle body compressions and a full body scrub, your relaxation will be maximized. While warmly wrapped in the product, benefit from a scalp massage, followed by full body quenching hydration.

(minimum series of 3: $110)
(10% savings on all body products while on series: minimum of 6)

Choose from one of the following treatments:

Aromatic Remineralizing**

Replenishes your body with essential minerals and vitamins, decreases fatigue, and uplifts energy.

Detoxifing */**

Increases circulation and draws out pollution and toxins from the body to increase health.

* not recommended for those with thyroid conditions or allergies to shellfish or iodine
** best results seen when done in a series.