Permanent Makeup

We are excited to announce that we now offer permanent makeup, including brow feathering (also known as micro-blading).

Kathryn is a certified permanent make up specialist with a combined 10 years of permanent make up and clinical experience. She started as a Certified Dental Assistant in a specialized surgical practice where her eye for precision was honed and developed.

In 2015, Kathryn attended BioTouch Permanent Make Up School, that has produced the best Permanent Make Up Specialists in the the Lower Mainland such as Shaughnessy O’Keeley. She is a naturally gifted aesthetician who can create wonderful subtle enhancements to eyebrows, eyes, and lips to the great delight and satisfaction of her clients.

Creating the perfect eyebrow to naturally enhance facial appearance is her specialty. Since she places such a strong emphasis on natural-looking makeup, she went on to develop and perfect the highly specialized, “feathering and hair-stroking technique”.

Book a FREE consultation or an appointment with her by calling 778-379-5200. Her regular days are Tuesdays (10am-4pm) & Thursdays (10am-7pm).

Brow Feathering (including touch up within 8 weeks)-$600
Eye Liner-upper & lower $600, top only $400, bottom only $350
Lips-full $800, lip liner/contour only $600
Hairline Restoration $350 & up

Touch Ups
Brow Feathering Touch Up (within 12 month) $150
Brow Feathering Touch up (12 to 24 months) $250

cecil b spa & laser permanent makeup
cecil b spa & laser permanent makeup
cecil b spa & laser permanent makeup