St. Tropez

cecil b spa and laser st. tropez skin productsSt. Tropez: The Ultimate Sunless Tan

The extensive range of high performance products by St. Tropez not only deliver a flawless, safe tan but they’re also crammed with nourishing ingredients, designed specifically to improve the tone and condition of your skin.

Every product in this expert line is infused with 10 years experience, each one developed with the very latest innovative ingredients, guided by expert insights.

We offer sunless tanning as a service in Spa. We start with a full body scrub and then have you shower off before applying a hydrating moisturizer to help optimize your tan. The sunless tanning is then applied over the full face and body.

As an alternative, we have a full range of St. Tropez home products if you wish to keep up your tan at home or simply do your own tanning at home–perfect for everyday or special occasions!

With St. Tropez, you get exactly the tan you want – first time, every time.