Elizabeth Arden Pro

Elizabeth Arden Pro is the new, revamped, PRIORI. The line is still developed by scientist Joe Lewis, however, the products now contain more powerful antioxidant protection and some items contain medical grade retinol.

The philosophy behind this line is the Skin Health and Beauty Pyramid and it is a clinically based guide to selecting topical skincare products. The 3 categories that make up this pyramid are fundamental, transform, and optimize. The ‘fundamental’ products are for everyone concerned about improving skin health.

The client must be committed to a lifelong lifestyle that includes daily protection against sun and environmental exposure. The ‘transform’ products are those that create skin transformation. After nearly 30 years since the introduction of AHAs and retinoids, these ingredients are still among the best for skin transformation.

The ‘optimize’ products are optional items in your skincare routine. They not necessarily critical to achieve desired results, but will help you get to your results faster. EA Pro skin care products fill these 3 categories. The professional back bar peel has even more to offer than the previous AHA peel so we encourage you to try this new treatment.