Body and Foot Care

Tuscan Farm Gardens

Both organic and locally grown, this beautiful aromatherapy line uses blends of pure lavender, lemongrass, and natural herbs to alleviate dry skin and soothe the mind.


Tend Skin

Tend Skin was developed in 1985 as a treatment for razor bumps, razor burn, and ingrown hair. Tend Skin can be applied shortly after waxing or shaving to reduce redness and any small bumps. The Air Shave gel can also be used to shave with to prevent any razor burn or bumps before they appear.


Allpresan products are specifically designed for the feet and are safe for diabetics. Allpresan diabetic foot foam forms finely meshed netting over the skin which not only protects it from harmful external factors, but the skin is able to breathe and its natural functions are retained. The foam is absorbed quickly so feet are not left feeling greasy. We offer different formulas depending on the condition of your feet.


Gehwol products are specifically designed to treat dry, cracked and sore feet. Their products are also safe for diabetics. We offer several items to treat these conditions including foot creams, herbal salts to soak the feet, shoe/sock powder, and foot deodorizing spray.

Nancy K. Brown

We offer Nancy K. Brown foot files to extend the life of your pedicure treatment with continued home use. The foot paddles are a solid wood construction that will not snap or break. The foot paddles are two sided—one side for more callus removal and the other for more smoothing and buffing. Best of all they are waterproof and washable, but also resistant against bacteria found on the feet.